Whether you are a new business or running a growing one, Nitro can build your network from the ground up or help you determine how to increase performance and productivity of your current network.  Request a comprehensive network assessment to ensure your technology is getting you where you want to go.

Nitro offers a service agreement that is affordable and flexible to your needs.  Our technicians treat each computer like it is our own and offer straightforward diagnostic services with easy to understand terms.

Need a dedicated email address or website for your business?  We offer hosting plans that are affordable and allow you peace of mine knowing your business website is being managed, updated and backed up securely. Need help with business email? We are able to consult with you and figure out your business needs.

The cost of having your network compromised is extremely high.  Breaches can jeopardize the integrity of your data, cause revenue loss and create compliance issues for your company.  Nitro can put systems in place to ensure your systems and network are protected.  Our business services include us analyzing your current security posture to identify any vulnerabilities and offering solutions and best practices.  Our current business clients have 24/7 monitoring in place to spot and stop intrusions into their system.  With this monitoring in place systems are updated on a regular basis with latest security patches from vendors.

Our low cost diagnostic service involves our technicians inspecting your machine, running diagnostics and completing an assessment of best options to repair and/or upgrade.  Sometimes malware is the issue and we can scan and remove it.  Virus protection suggestions are given as well as back up options to increase security of your data.  Our repairs are on a first come, first served basis.  Sooner you get your machine in our shop the sooner you will get an answer as to what the issue is and repair options. 

Security cameras installed at your business bring much more than peace of mind. They can sometimes lower your insurance rates and should you suffer a break in or property damage, surveillance systems give law enforcement the necessary information to catch criminals and prosecute.  Schedule a walk through with one of our technicians to find out how many cameras would work for your business, formulate a quote and see how easy it is to safely monitor your business or property even from the comfort of your home.

Nitro Consulting will work with you to create an eye-catching logo or develop a website for your business.  An easy to navigate website can be created rather quickly and not only will it attract new customers but allow you to interact with them on a day to day basis from anywhere in the world. Your logo and website represent you and our graphic design team will make sure you are completely satisfied with the digital view of your business. More and more people use the internet to search for businesses and having a web presence is essential.  We want to see your business grow and be successful. Contact us with any questions regarding logo work and website development. 

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